We create distinctive, signature smiles with tooth-like composite dental fillings

Thanks to advanced dental materials and techniques, dentists like those at Signature Smiles Dental, Drs Geomel Brian Bebing and Harun Ayouby can reconstruct a tooth marred by decay, fractures, and other traumatic injuries. Teeth treated with our skill and strong and lifelike-looking materials are also designed to look, feel, and function no differently than a neighboring natural and healthy tooth.

We repair damage, restore function, and structure, and preserve a natural tooth with highly durable and tooth-like materials from our warm and well-appointed practice in Riverside, California. These materials include composite resin. Composites are well-suited for dental fillings because they have several unique properties that were not present among older alternatives (like silver-colored dental amalgam made from a mix of metals).

A few of these perks include:

  • The filling color is highly personalized, so it blends with the unaltered tooth structure and the other natural teeth in the smile. 
  • Composite doesn’t irritate oral tissues. It is a safe option for patients who have a history of undesirable reactions to metals. 
  • Since these tooth-colored fillings are so pleasing to the eye, the resin is even suitable for patients with damaged teeth in a highly cosmetic area of the smile, such as the front teeth. Or for those patients who require therapy at the area where the teeth meet the gums. 
  • Cavities or holes caused by tooth decay can be “filled in” and effectively and conservatively resolved with composite resin. Such conservative treatments refer to those procedures that preserve a maximum amount of natural and healthy tooth structure. Less natural tooth material has to be drilled away to make room for metal-free fillings. 
  • Due to the conservative nature of composite, the treated tooth holds up well, and a natural appearance is retained. There is one major caveat: The “lifespan” of the filling hinges on how well you treat it! Be sure to keep up with home care and professional services at our practice as directed by your dentist. 

The process

Drs Bebing or Ayouby start the process using their know-how and the latest diagnostic technology to determine the nature and extent of the damage to a troublesome tooth and surrounding tissue. It may be recommended to reverse damage with new hygiene products and services such as fluoride supplementation. Fluoride aids in adding minerals back into the protective enamel, which builds up the tooth’s natural defenses.

Alternately, it may be recommended to undergo treatment that repairs more severe trauma to the tooth. These procedures fall under the category of “restorative dentistry” and include not only composite fillings but also the application of a dental inlay, onlay (partial crown), or a full dental crown. An extensive filling is at risk of fracturing. So, our dentists essentially suggest alternatives such as inlays or onlays to repair a large cavity.

If a composite or white-colored filling is best for your situation, the material is first colored to blend in with the rest of your natural teeth and tooth structure. The rest of the tooth is also prepared. This step is just another way of referring to the removal of diseased or decayed tissues. Think of it as a “clean slate” for your new, rebuilt tooth. The plastic composite material is then layered on the treatment site to fill in the cavity. As the layers are applied, our dentists harden them to ensure strong bonds between the teeth and resin. The finishing touch involves shaping, refining, and polishing the treated tooth. Now for the fun part: Showing off your signature, distinctive smile!

Filling procedures can be completed in one appointment, and treated teeth can last a lifetime with good oral care at home and professional care at our office. Call Signature Smiles Dental today at (951) 777-2805 to schedule your visit. The earlier we can intervene with troublesome teeth, the less extensive the treatment that is required to restore oral health and comfortable and healthy function.