Preserve Infected Teeth and Find Relief with Emergency Root Canals

Are you experiencing dental discomfort in Riverside, California? This could be a sign of an infected tooth nerve, which should be treated with root canal treatment. Never take an infected tooth lightly. It not only causes debilitating discomfort but can also lead to the death of your teeth if left untreated. In rare cases, an infected tooth can cause sepsis โ€” a life-threatening blood infection!

Suspecting an infected tooth? Don’t delay treatment. Emergency root canals from Signature Smiles Dental can treat the infection immediately. The sooner Drs. Geomel Brian Bebing and Harun Ayouby treat your tooth, the higher the chances of saving your tooth and preventing complications triggered by prolonged infection.

Signs you may need same-day root canal treatment

When you have an infected tooth, the discomfort can be unbearable despite your best efforts to manage it. The discomfort doesn’t just affect your tooth only โ€” it radiates to the surrounding tissues, interfering with your everyday life at home, school, or work.

Besides discomfort, the other signs you may need emergency endodontic treatment include:

  • Pus oozing from the tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity when chewing or taking hot or cold drinks
  • Tooth discoloration (an infected tooth tends to darken)
  • Gum swelling
  • Persistent gum pimples
  • A visibly injured or decayed tooth

Waiting for treatment the next day isn’t an option when you have an infected tooth. The discomfort is unbearable, and the more you delay treatment, the higher the risk of losing your tooth and infecting the nearby oral structures. The best option is to book an appointment with an emergency dentist.

What to expect during a root canal

Unlike other bodily infections, a tooth infection won’t go away on its own. In any case, it becomes worse by the day. Instead of masking the symptoms of an infected tooth with medication, we offer root canal treatment for a lasting solution. Root canals used to cause discomfort years ago. However, thanks to anesthetics and gentle techniques, modern-day root canals are similar to a cavity-filling treatment.

A full dental examination precedes all root canals. Here, we use dental X-rays to establish whether your tooth is viable for a root canal. If yes, we numb your tooth, isolate it with a dental dam, and drill an access hole at the top. Next, we clean and file your root canals to remove all impending infections. Then, we use gutta-percha to fill your tooth and restore it with a temporary filling before installing a permanent, natural-looking dental crown.

A root canal not only saves your tooth โ€” your treated tooth looks better and functions just like the rest of your teeth.

Emergency root canal treatment saves teeth

Don’t let an infected tooth jeopardize your dental health. Root canals in Riverside, California, are gentle and save your tooth from extraction and costly tooth replacement procedures.

To treat your infected tooth with root canal treatment, please call (951) 450-0258 to schedule an appointment with Signature Smiles Dental.