Range of full and partial denture options rebuild your complete, signature smile

Dentures planned, designed, and placed at our office here at Signature Smiles Dental. These dentures are predictably natural in appearance, feel comfortable, and last for a very long time. Our dentists, Dr. Geomel Brian Bebing and Dr. Harun Ayouby work closely with patients to determine the best option for tooth replacement should they be without several teeth or require a mouthful of new teeth to complete their healthy and attractive smile.  

Satisfaction in full or partial dentures comes down to fit 

Many of the complaints associated with conventional dentures have to do with poor fit. At Signature Smiles, we are exacting in designing dentures that fit the contours of your mouth comfortably. When the denture is shaped precisely to your mouth, it does not slide around. Sores and irritation are avoided. The denture doesn’t slip around when you eat or speak, which helps to avoid embarrassing social slip-ups. Generally, patients have an easier time adjusting to dentures that are so well-crafted upfront. Our team also works closely with patients to offer tips or exercises that support a quick and easy transition to their new teeth. 

Furthermore, our dentures look like natural teeth! You avoid the dreaded “false teeth,” those dentures that look overly plastic, a little “too perfect,” or whose color (of the teeth or gums) may not suit the patient’s skin tone or other features.  

Dr. Bebing and Dr. Ayouby are also selective in their use of high-quality, performance materials. The use of materials such as premium dental ceramics like porcelain supports a natural appearance and efficient chewing and other functions. We can also discuss many different types of quality attachments and designs that may replace several teeth among those patients in need of partial dentures. Partials primarily connect to existing teeth by way of clasps or attachments. Still, other alternatives to conventional full or partial dentures include implant-retained or implant-supported dentures. These dentures are literally “rooted” to the jawbone. Healed dental implants positioned in the jaw function like tooth roots to stabilize the denture.  

Regardless of the system used, be it a removable denture or a modern implant-retained one, we assure your satisfaction with your new teeth for a lifetime. Frequent follow-ups are necessary to make adjustments as needed and answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Call Signature Smiles Dental today at (951) 777-2805 to schedule your visit.