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Signature refers to a feature that is distinctive and widely known. True to our name, at Signature Smiles Dental, we celebrate the unique beauty of each of our patients in Riverside, California, and throughout the Inland Empire. But “signature” doesn’t mean “cost-prohibitive” at our practice.

Our dentists, Drs Geomel Brian Bebing and Harun Ayouby emphasize those treatments and techniques that are an exceptional value. We have removed financial barriers to getting the gold-standard care that patients deserve. Through our use of advanced procedures and products, such as mini dental implants, we can also remove other barriers to getting dental implants. These obstacles include destructive bone loss. Generally, a foundation of dense, supportive bone must be available in the jaw to support the integration of the implant to the rest of the jawbone after it is placed. With a wide range of alternative options, many more patients can enjoy the myriad benefits of this modern alternative to conventional dental bridges, partials, and complete dentures.

Invest in your smile and quality of life

The cost of placing implants and the dental restorations that follow represent just one consideration and only tell part of the story. It’s essential to consider the value of opting for a dental implant-supported tooth replacement versus potentially cheaper conventional options, which may not be more affordable over the long haul.

For instance, removable dentures may seem more affordable from the outset; however, these dental appliances can hasten destructive bone loss. Your underlying bone does not get the stimulation from chewing or other necessary functions to stay strong and retain its density. In turn, the bone supporting and surrounding your facial tissues retreats. Bone loss can negatively affect how you eat, speak, and look. The more extensive the complications of bone loss, the more extensive (and costly) the procedures needed to treat the effects of this destructive process. Additionally, dentures require ongoing relining, rebasing, and replacement as tissues evolve and the shape of the face changes. This facet of the process can add to the costs and hassle linked to traditional treatment

Regarding conventional dental bridges, otherwise healthy tooth structure must be removed from the neighboring “anchor” teeth. These anchors support the pontic or replacement tooth. To provide a strong foundation for the pontic, anchor teeth must be crowned, and all crowns require that some tooth structure be removed and reshaped. So, the crown fits on top of the natural tooth material. The lifespan of a bridge can also be threatened if patients don’t clean well underneath the pontic.

Dental implants, however, are designed to last a lifetime, and they present a conservative, tissue-preserving alternative to bridges. This tooth replacement option provides superior stability, courtesy of the implant itself. The biocompatible materials that are used to design the implant fuse naturally and safely to the rest of the jaw after it is placed strategically in the jawbone. In turn, the implant provides a sturdy foundation for the crown, bridge, or denture that will replace the part of the tooth everyone can see above the gum line. Implants function like natural tooth roots.

A preferred practice for a preferred procedure

Unlike other dental practices in the Inland Empire, our practice is equipped to handle every aspect of the implants process, including placement and complex treatments like bone grafting and sinus augmentation. Additionally, we offer mini implants for those patients who are not good candidates for bone grafting. These implants are smaller in diameter than their standard counterparts. Less invasive techniques are also used to place them.

Implants are also a feasible and attractive option for patients missing all of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Our dentists position implants strategically. So, they support a maximum number of overlying teeth effectively. As few as four implants may be necessary to replace an entire upper or lower arch (jaw) full of teeth. Since the implant is the most expensive part of the process, minimal implants contain the total cost and dramatically reduce trauma to the mouth.

We are privileged to have so many options to complete your smile! Call us today at (951) 450-0258 to schedule an appointment with Drs Bebing or Ayouby.

Single implant

Single implant

Meet Emma, You can’t see it right now but she is missing a tooth. She’s been thinking of having it replaced but then again you can’t even see it. What she didn’t know until now is that it is very important to have a full set of teeth,. Even one missing tooth can have a negative impact. Over time the jaw bone in the gap will recede and neighboring teeth can become crooked and may need to be removed. That’s all Emma needs to know, she doesn’t want to lose more teeth. After all she is only in her early 40’s. But how can she replace the missing tooth. She has heard about clips, bridges and implants, but what’s the best choice for her? She doesn’t want an unstable solution and she certainly like the idea of destroying healthy teeth around the gap to hold the bridge. If Emma meets all the dental health requirements, a replacement tooth can be put on a dental implant. This looks natural, is very stable and doesn’t compromise other teeth. Research has also shown that implants are as safe as other treatments, but often lasts longer, which in the end, makes the most cost effective. This seems like a good solution for Emma, but wont treatment take a long time? Emma’s friend Susan has had several implants, so she asks her for advice. Susan tells her about her positive experience with dental implants. Her dentist used an implant procedure that made the treatment very quick. The implant and temporary tooth was placed on the same day. Emma immediately contacts Susan’s dentist where she learns more about implants and temporary teeth that can be placed on the same day. After a thorough check to make sure she meets all the requirements, the dentist gives her the green light and they arrange the next appointment. A week later Emma leaves the practice with a natural looking tooth connected to an implant. Once everything is sealed nicely, she will receive her final tooth that the dentist matched to the size, shape and color of her other teeth. This needs to be celebrated. If you are missing one of several teeth, don’t ignore it. Speak to your dentist about Dental Implants.

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