Orthodontic Care Services at Signature Smiles Dental

If you have an imperfectly-aligned smile but are unsure whom to turn to, you are welcome to bring up your desires to our Riverside, California dentists, Drs. Geomel Brian Bebing and Harun Ayouby at Signature Smiles Dental! We offer straightening solutions for patients to consider when looking to improve their smiles’ appearance and function!

What teeth straightening treatments are available at Signature Smiles Dental?

Drs. Bebing and Ayouby of Signature Smiles Dental are pleased to offer the following orthodontic care solutions for straighter teeth and bite correction:

  • Traditional braces. Conventional braces refer to traditional metal bracket-and-wire varieties used for correcting moderate to severe smile misalignment. These can take over a year to complete but ensure long-lasting results
  • Clear braces. Patients who need bracket-and-wire braces but do not want to cover their smile with unsightly metal appliances can ask about our clear braces, which use tooth-colored appliances instead of traditional metal
  • Aligner treatments. Another way to reposition teeth is with aligner treatments like Invisalign, which use clear trays customized to the patient to gradually move teeth into alignment in a discreet yet effective manner

Which type of orthodontic treatment is best for me?

Our dentists can evaluate you to determine what treatment best suits your unique needs. Traditional metal braces may be best suited for more severe cases of misalignment requiring significant bite correction while closing small gaps between the teeth may be addressed quickly with Invisalign clear aligners. We can evaluate your needs and assist you in making educated decisions regarding the orthodontic care best for your smile!

Schedule an appointment with Signature Smiles Dental today to learn more about finding an orthodontist “near me!”

Thanks to continued advances in orthodontia, patients no longer need a referral to a specialist to address the misalignment of their smiles!

We welcome patients to contact our professionals by calling (951) 450-0258 to learn more about orthodontic treatment in the dental office they already know and trust!

Our facility is located in Riverside, California, conveniently located at 14140 Meridian Parkway, Suite #102.