Cutting-edge technology supports our comfortable, caring, and meticulous approach to dentistry

At Signature Smiles Dental, we take great pride in treating our patients as a whole – not “just” sets of teeth and gums. Everyone has a unique situation propelled by their individual stories. Led by dentists Dr. Geomel Brian Bebing and Dr. Harun Ayouby, our team’s warm and innovative approach to providing exceptional care is complemented by the use of advanced technologies. These technological investments made for our patients further allow us to offer the most conservative, non-invasive, tooth-preserving, gentle, convenient, safe, no-stress, and precision experience to our patients here in Riverside, California and the surrounding communities. 

We’ve highlighted a few of our technological capabilities below. All of them are designed to make a real, positive difference in your health and well-being and support the most relaxed and comfortable perspective on dentistry possible. The better the experience at our practice, the more likely you are to return to visit us for the routine hygiene services necessary to keep your mouth healthy. And, when your mouth is healthy, it promotes the health of your entire “system” (body). 

  • Intra-oral camera – Dentists’ abilities to resolve symptoms effectively and efficiently, such as pain, and to treat underlying problems can be helped or hindered by their diagnostics. We use cutting-edge diagnostic tools like the intra-oral camera. “Intra” stands for “inside,” whereas “oral” refers to the oral cavity or mouth. This camera is quite literally designed to fit inside of your mouth. It is so tiny and discreet that you won’t feel anything. We simply pass a wand-like device over your teeth, gums, and other tissues and structures. The images taken by the camera are transferred to a monitor, where they can be viewed by you, right alongside Dr. Bebing or Dr. Ayouby.
  • Digital x-ray – Another diagnostic tool, digital radiography (x-rays), uses specialized sensors instead of film to create detailed images of your mouth. These images are then used to rule out conditions or confirm a diagnosis, which then informs the development of your treatment plan. This combination of sensors and plates renders clear images and is also associated with less radiation exposure than traditional, film-based radiography. It’s also “green” because digital x-rays don’t create film waste. 
  • Cone Beam/3D x-ray – Cone beam computed tomography as a diagnostic tool differs from traditional CT scans in that it features a rotating arm to capture numerous high-definition images at various angles of your mouth and the ears, nose, and throat. Scans are incredibly fast; your entire oral cavity and interconnected structures can be scanned in 20 seconds. The process of capturing these images is painless and is also safe. Like with digital radiography, it is associated with far less radiation exposure than conventional CTs.
  • Soft tissue laser – Laser dentistry presents a gentle, precise therapeutic tool. One of our dentists directs the laser toward the treatment area. The energy from the laser quickly, bloodlessly, and painlessly cuts through or manipulates soft tissues (such as the gums) without the use of a scalpel. These laser devices can also eradicate harmful bacteria implicated in the development and progression of periodontal or gum disease. 
  • Hard tissue laser – Many of the same benefits associated with soft tissue lasers can be garnered from hard tissue lasers. These devices are designed to manipulate and treat teeth and bone. Laser dentistry further encourages rapid healing and minimizes the risks of side effects and post-treatment complications such as pain and infections. Due to these and other benefits, laser dentistry is a welcome addition to dental practices for patients with dental fear or anxiety. Many “triggers” (like scalpels or needles) are eliminated due to this low-touch technology.
  • CEREC® – (Coming soon) Chairside Esthetic Restoration of Economical Ceramics refers to a computer-aided system. Instead of taking two appointments to make a dental crown, at Signature Smiles, we can plan, design, fabricate, refine, and secure your dental crown while you wait in just one visit! In-house software facilitates this uniquely fast and precise design and fabrication of the crown from a quality block of dental ceramic. Adjustments can also be made in a matter of moments. Patients love how easy it is to get a beautiful and robust crown – no return visits necessary! Coming soon!

At Signature Smiles, we view these and other technologies as a way to support what we do best—genuinely caring for our patients and their needs as a one-of-a-kind individual and “whole person” – not just the elements that contribute to a great and functional smile. Please call (951) 450-0258 to experience our brand of cutting-edge dentistry and warm and friendly care today.