Why implants presenProtect your healthy, stunning smile with proactive and advanced periodontal therapy

Periodontal tissues support and protect our teeth. When such gummy tissue is damaged, it can set off a destructive inflammation process. As sticky bacterial plaque forms, soft tissue (gums) and hard tissue (teeth and bone) erode. Fortunately, Drs. Geomel Brian Bebing and Harun Ayouby at Signature Smiles Dental in Riverside, California, have proactive and advanced therapies to effectively and non-traumatically resolve periodontal disease.

Drs Bebing and Ayouby examine patients’ gums during routine checkups. These visits present opportunities for our hygienists to clean the teeth and the gum line. They are armed with specialized skills and tools to remove even stubborn plaque or tartar gently and precisely. Standard toothbrushes and home care techniques cannot remove plaque build-up.

Why Periodontal care for whole-body health

Researchers have discovered that the specific types of bacterium and inflammatory processes linked to gum or periodontal disease are also shared by patients with severe systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease. In fact, periodontitis (advanced gum disease) represents a documented risk factor for heart disease patients undergoing surgery. Periodontal therapy and a course of antibiotics are generally prescribed as preventives to protect the surgical patient from life-threatening complications caused by bacterial infections. Harmful bacteria enter and travel through the bloodstream when patients with gum disease experience common symptoms, such as bleeding during brushing and flossing. Then, the bacteria have “free rein” to travel to other parts of the body, including the “endocardium” that lines the chambers and valves of the heart.

Standard checkups and cleanings twice a year may be adequate to keep or regain the health and structure of the gums. Our hygiene team discusses methods and home care supplies that can improve the effectiveness of brushing, flossing, and generally keeping your mouth clean and healthy when you’re not at the dentist’s office. It is not unusual for a patient to fail to remove bacteria, plaque, and food debris from the gums and other areas vulnerable to germs. Take great care to properly clean areas such as the tongue. These and other oral surfaces tend to harbor the very substances that cause destructive inflammation. Failure to floss each day is a failure to keep the bacteria away! It’s estimated that toothbrushes miss one-third of the surface of each tooth. So, flossing is a must.

Patients with risk factors for oral conditions, such as gum disease and oral cancer, should generally visit our dentists more frequently for vital hygiene appointments. Individuals who smoke or use chewing tobacco or have conditions that affect healing and immunity, such as diabetes, are at heightened risk.

Fundamental to Signature Smiles Dental is the application of technology that supports the gentlest experience at our practice and dentistry that is proactive and prevents conditions, rather than reactive and treatment-focused dentistry that is concerned with responding and resolving problems after they have developed. We use sophisticated dental lasers and other advanced tools to stay ahead of destructive processes and disease. Laser-assisted dentistry offers a way to effectively, conservatively, and precisely remove bacteria and decrease the size of the spaces that form between the teeth and gum tissues — all without the use of scalpels and needles. This approach also supports natural and prompt healing.

We urge you to contact us before alarming signs begin to develop. Often, gum disease has progressed by the time patients may suffer from tenderness or notice blood on their toothbrush and floss. If detected and intervened sufficiently early into the process, we can quickly and non-invasively reverse the damage and restore the health and appearance of the supportive gums that also frame your teeth and contribute to a lovely smile. Call Signature Smiles Dental today at (951) 777-2805 to schedule your appointment.