Makeover a damaged tooth or replace missing teeth with durable, versatile, and stunning porcelain crowns

Many people associate crowns with root canals — for a good reason. Sometimes decay can be so extensive that it compromises the pulp or nerve tissue at the center of the tooth. However, dental crowns (or “caps”) are highly versatile. While they frequently restore a badly broken, very decayed, or otherwise damaged tooth. They can also be used to reshape a poorly-contoured tooth or to cover up discoloration that does not respond well to professional teeth whitening at the Signature Smiles Dental practice in Riverside, California.

Crowns are also vital parts of tooth replacement with bridges or implants. Porcelain is often the material of choice for crowns and other dental treatments. Dental ceramics such as porcelain are highly biocompatible (tissue-friendly). They also mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel well. Porcelain is as strong as it is stunning; with good oral hygiene and professional care at our practice, tooth structure rebuilt using porcelain can last for many decades. Lastly, porcelain doesn’t stain like other materials.

What to expect

All treatments at our practice start with an exam. Our dentists may determine that you are a great candidate for crowns or alternative treatments. More conservative options include fillings, inlays, and onlays (partial crowns). In some cases, root canal therapy followed by a crown may be the only way to preserve a deeply infected tooth.

The design of the crown itself is based on the information that we collect about your troublesome tooth and its neighbors. Impressions or models of the tooth are made. These models are then used to guide the fabrication of the crown.

The damaged, natural tooth must be “prepared” as well. Lingering bacteria, decayed tissue, and debris must be removed. So, the tooth to be crowned is effectively given a “clean slate.” The natural tooth is also shaped in such a way as to properly “accept” the crown. It must fit nicely over the tooth material. Depending on your needs, filling material may also be used to “build up” or support crowns or caps when a significant portion of the original tooth is missing. 

Once the crown has been made, it is placed over the healed, altered tooth structure. Minor adjustments can be made before bonding or securing the crown to the tooth. Crowns are also placed over anchor teeth in dental bridges and are used to restore the dental implant among those patients with missing teeth. 

Crowned teeth are generally a way to bolster the remaining natural tooth structure. So, treat them well – like you would your natural teeth! Call Signature Smiles Dental at (951) 777-2805 today to schedule an appointment and find out more about ways to keep or restore the healthy brilliance of your teeth!

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