Complete your smile with our teeth replacement options

Despite technological advances in restorative dentistry, nothing comes close to your natural teeth. Since we understand your pearly whites are priceless, we emphasize preventative dental care to preserve your teeth for as long as possible. Unfortunately, tooth loss can occur despite your best efforts in dental care.

Whether injury, disease, or genetics has led to missing teeth, Signature Smiles Dental in Riverside, California, offers multiple teeth replacement options to rebuild your smile. Our dental team remakes your smile to closely mimic the one you were born with.

Complete your smile with our teeth replacement options

Losing one or more teeth can impact your appearance, self-confidence, and ability to eat and speak. And that’s not all. Tooth loss can affect your bite alignment, resulting in health complications like TMJ disorder.

Drs. Geomel Brian Bebing and Harun Ayouby understand the discomfort and embarrassment of living without teeth. We’ve invested in technology and training to replace missing teeth with the following options:

  • Dental bridges: Dental bridges replace one or more missing teeth using artificial teeth (pontic) secured by neighboring, healthy teeth. Our dental bridges don’t just replace your teeth — we aim to restore your oral function and appearance, just like when you had your natural teeth. We prefer porcelain bridges for their durability and esthetics to rebuild your smile
  • Dentures: Our office offers partial and complete dentures as a cost-effective method to replace missing teeth. Traditionally, conventional dentures have been known to look unnatural and slip when talking and eating. Our cosmetic dentures are anything but poorly fitting or fake-looking. We use medical-grade materials to make dentures durable, comfortable, and natural-looking
  • Dental implants: Patients looking for a permanent tooth replacement have a solution in dental implants. Implant-based restorations are “rooted” in your jawbone to function like natural teeth. Also known as the “gold standard” of replacing teeth, dental implants are stable, lifelike, durable, and low-maintenance. We offer numerous dental implant solutions, including mini, single, All-on-X, and multiple dental implants

Whether you’ve lost one, several, or all teeth, we have something for everyone. Please call (951) 450-0258 to book an appointment today.