Root canal treatment preserves even severely decayed or damaged teeth

Root canal treatment can be avoided at our practice, Signature Smiles Dental, in Riverside, California. Our dentists, Dr. Geomel Brian Bebing and Dr. Harun Ayouby work closely with patients to preserve their natural teeth. By detecting problems early into the decay or disease process, many cases of enamel erosion or gum inflammation can be resolved with oral hygiene modifications or preventive professional services. In other words, these partnerships are integral in preventing the two primary causes of tooth loss: dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease.  

Among those patients with more advanced damage to the teeth, root canal therapy (RCT) may be necessary to preserve the natural tooth structure.  

Treating root canals is nothing to fear!

Root canals have an unfair, scary reputation. The truth is, this treatment is a little more extensive than a deep cleaning. Think of it as a way to remove the nasties, harmful bacteria and inflammation, from the innermost part of the tooth. Once our dentists have skillfully eliminated these sources of infection, inflammation, and irrevocably damaged tissues, they then sterilize and shape the treated root canals. These canals are filled or sealed off with a gutta-percha material to prevent reinfection and support healthy healing.

Typically, root canal therapy is followed by a durable dental crown. The crown restores the visible white part of the tooth above the gum line. It helps prevent reinfection, which can occur over time if the innermost parts of the treated tooth are not adequately protected. 

With the use of localized anesthetic and precision treatment techniques, modern root canal treatment is also gentle, efficient, and has a high success rate. Successfully treating a severely damaged tooth also avoids the expense and risks of extracting the tooth. Options for tooth replacement generally cost much more than root canal treatment and other endodontic procedures. 

Additionally, the loss of even a single tooth can have tremendous negative consequences on your overall health and wellbeing. The destructive process of bone loss occurs soon after a tooth is extracted, and it progresses fast. Bone resorption alters the shape of your face, creating hollows or an aged or sunken and collapsed appearance to the lower portion of the face. It also gives rise to speech, chewing, and other functional problems detrimental to your quality of life and self-confidence. 

Notably, root canal treatment does not cause pain. It provides immediate pain relief! The conditions that root canal therapy treats are often painful. Our precision, modern treatments relieve toothaches and immediately halt the progression of oral infections and other conditions that threaten patients’ oral and systemic health. Do not delay scheduling your appointment with Drs Bebing and Ayouby today. Call Signature Smiles Dental at (951) 777-2805.

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